System 002 / "Jenny"

At the end of July 2021, we returned to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) to trial System 002, the latest iteration of our ocean cleanup system. It is our first large-scale cleanup system. The 12-week test campaign has now been concluded successfully – we have now reached proof of technology. System 002 will continue harvesting plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and in tandem, we have started working on System 03, a larger, upgraded ocean system, which is expected to be the blueprint design for scaling to a fleet of systems.

Ocean System Iteration

To succeed in our mission, we need a cleanup technology that not only captures plastic but whose design and operation are suited for growth into a global fleet. System 001/B (2019), achieved a relative speed difference that resulted in effective collection and retention of plastic. However, in order to achieve a goal of 90% reduction of floating ocean plastic by 2040, its parachute sea anchor design would require us to deploy hundreds of systems. To us, this is unfeasible, so we continued to advance our research and design. With a persistent problem that grows worse by the day, there is an urgency to reduce pollution as quickly as possible.

System 001/B in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2019)
System 001/B in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2019)

System 002 Test Plan

The System 002 test campaign in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch took place over 12 weeks (July to October 2021). The tests were successful and we can now confirm proof of technology. Watch us celebrate this moment on October 20th, 2021.

System 002 Test Plan for trip 1

The Ocean System Technology

Learn more about our ocean system design and approach to cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on our Oceans page.