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In this role, protecting marine life and habitats is the top priority - which means being responsible for our environmental impact assessments and the compatibility of our technology with the ocean environment. The day-to-day work involves ensuring that all necessary means are carried out to achieve this, while giving space to the engineers to design and operate a system that can complete the complex task of removing floating plastic debris from our oceans.

“This is surely one of the most exciting roles in the team, and its importance cannot be overstated: combining science and operational knowledge to make sure that that our offshore operations are environmentally sound, in all aspects, is a fascinating and challenging job. We are seeking a team member that will show ingenuity, curiosity, and enthusiasm to quantify our positive and negative impact on the marine environment, and to help mitigate the latter.” - Matthias Egger, Head of Environmental and Social Affairs


The role of the Environmental Manager Senior for Oceans within The Ocean Cleanup’s environmental team is to ensure that ecological aspects and environmental impacts of the project are properly considered during all phases of the technological development. Your perspective and expert advice are necessary to operate the technology in a sustainable manner.

  • Project management for development of an independent Environmental Impact Assessment for the Pacific Ocean cleaning system. Leading the process of identification and management of the project’s environmental risks and impacts, and eventually providing input to the project’s environmental KPI (short- and long-term) and target requirements. 
  • Developing, adapting, and implementing the Environmental Management Plan for the Oceans system ensuring that the research plan is performed in a scientific and structured manner. Preparing and coordinating with independent parties for the execution of the environmental management plan.
  • Providing advice and support to the Engineering and Operational teams on ecological matters. Serving as an interface with external partners to facilitate continuous dialogue and improvement of the ecological profile of the technology. 
  • Managing external stakeholders, including regulatory entities and authorities, founders, supporters, and the scientific community. Supporting various teams in properly addressing concerns and requirements of the various project’s stakeholders on environmental matters. 
  • Supporting media campaigns and environmental awareness providing content knowledge, fact-checking, and guidelines for the production of communication materials.
  • Identifying and maintaining relationships with experts who can advise on environmental topics and best practices.
  • Constantly aligning with other members of the environmental team for improved quality and increased efficiency of the overall environmental processes and deliverables at the organization 


  • Master’s degree in marine biology, ecology, or similar. Ph.D. preferred.
  • 5 to 10 years of relevant work experience in maritime or offshore projects
  • Environmental monitoring and management, risk assessment, data handling
  • Expertise in maritime monitoring/communication/water sampling technology 
  • Internationally oriented and able to work in a multicultural team 
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written
  • Proficient with MS Office tools, presenting and reporting
  • Knowledge of engineering issues or experience collaborating with the discipline is a bonus.
  • Familiarity with international/Dutch/US regulatory requirements for offshore projects is a bonus


  • Able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment
  • Able to interface with and address the needs of multiple stakeholders 
  • Strong communication and reporting skills (verbal and written) 
  • Willing to travel
  • Meticulous, detail-oriented, structured yet with a creative and out-of-the-box mindset
  • Team player, diplomatic and patient
  • Adaptable and willing to learn
  • Have a sense of humor (or a tolerance for bad puns)

Please note: because we are a non-profit, our salaries reflect that of an organization fully reliant on donations rather than that of a commercial entity. Conducting a pre-employment check is part of our recruitment process.

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